I offer clinical consultation, training and supervision in a wide variety of outcomes.

I have been a clinical supervisor for pre-licensed MFTs since 1992.  My supervision style is engaged, pro-active/pro-intern, and I direct my efforts toward supporting the blossoming of the pre-licensed intern in the highest  expression of their individual creativity, facilitating the individual therapist’s development in their own unique expression of themselves as a clinician.  My supervision work strives to provide the highest quality of work according to CA BBSE guidelines.  I am well versed in the pathway from intern to licensure and offer my supervisees clear guidance in preparing for the CA BBSE board exams.  Since 1995, I have a 99% pass rate for supervisees wanting to work with me in my focused MFT study system for both practical and psychological considerations for this strenuous exam.

Many licensed psychotherapists and other healthcare professionals seek clinical consultation with me for either case review or guidance in the integration of the various eco-therapy and psychco-spiritual approaches that I teach.  I enjoy supporting the integration of these techniques and the growing confidence and skill that my consultees experience.

My work translates very well into positive and measurable outcomes for organizations wanting to offer their staff professional development training and experience.  I offer on-site experiential trainings to groups from 10 -40 (and in some occasions up to 100) in applied mindfulness meditation, active imagining processing for enhance creativity, problem solving and personal issue resolution.  We take a consideration of “non-ordinary” paths of problem solving to come to unique, creative and effective resolutions.  I also teach effective team collaboration and instill both confidence and inspiration in creative teams.  I also offer consultation to professionals looking to integrate eco-therapy and ecopsychology principles into their work.

Occasionally I offer small group consultations and private workshops in the arena of clinical consultation. If you are interested, please contact me for more information.

One of my unique consultation services is that I teach and mentor clinicians in the application of shamanic techniques in traditional psychotherapuetic processes. This includes integrating techniques of light trance states that activate the creative unconscious to unblock negative defenses, solve difficult issues and to empower the client to have more agency in their life. Occasionally I offer small workshops on this material.
I currently lead a monthly consultation group for clinicians.  Please contact me if you are interested.